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Welcome to Help-Me-Home.  Registration is free.

Have you ever lost an item of value only to wish you had a way of getting it back?  What about some way of letting the finder know that the item belongs to you, and requesting their help in having the item returned?

This is the idea behind Help-Me-Home.  A Tracking Tag with a Unique Tracking Code is attached to your item.  Should you lose the item, the finder is encouraged to log onto the Help-Me-Home website and work with you to help you recover your item.  Each tracking tag is allocated its own page on the Help-Me-Home website.  Please click here to be taken to the sample page.

This system relies on the willingness of the finder to contact you, the owner, and help to ensure the safe return of your item.  Given that the majority of people claim to be honest, and most people these days have Internet access, the chance of having your item returned is reasonably good.

What kinds of items can be tracked on the Help-Me-Home website?  Some examples include cameras / video cameras, baggage / handbags, various types of sports equipment (golf clubs, tennis bags, fishing rods), various types of electronic equipment (GPS’s, 'phones, ipod’s), wallets / purses, and keys).  In fact, anything of value that you have with you, to which a tag can be attached or into which a tag could be inserted (such as a wallet or purse), can be tracked on the website.

So please go ahead and register as a user on the Help-Me-Home website.  Registration is free.  Once you are a registered user (or even before) you will be able to purchase Internet Trackable Tags for your possessions.  Should someone find your item you have a greater chance of having it returned to you.

The benefit of the Help-Me-Home website, as opposed to similar service providers, is that you work directly with the person who finds your item.  That way we are able to keep the cost of the tracking tags as low as possible.  You can even change the item to which your tracking tag is attached – just update the details on the web page specifically allocated to your tracking tag and you are good to go.

We will not ask for your residential or mailing address (except to deliver tracking tags to you) – that is between you and the person who finds your item.

Please click on the Create a User Profile link to get started.
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Help-Me-Home Statistics — there are currently 92 users registered with Help-Me-Home, and 125 items are being tracked on the website
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