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Please enter your message to the Help-Me-Home user in the box below.  This communication is entirely between you and the registered user you are contacting and will not appear on the website for a specific tracked item that you may have found.

Should you have found an item with a tracking tag attached and would like to return it to the owner, please detail in your message how the owner should go about contacting you.  After this comments box you will be asked for your e-mail address at which the owner should contact you.  However, you are welcome to include other contact information should you choose to do so, as well as including other information that you feel comfortable sharing with the owner of the tracked item.

Please note that for security purposes, and to prevent misuse of the system, the IP address associated with the computer from which the contact is made will be recorded by our system, and is shown below.  Comments are restricted please to 5,000 characters.

Upon clicking on the ‘Send E-mail’ button below, your message will be transmitted to the user, including your e-mail address, so that contact is created between you and the owner of the item.
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