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Welcome to the Help-Me-Home Store.  Thank you for your interest in Help-Me-Home Tracking Tags, and other Help-Me-Home items.  You have taken the first step in allowing people to contact you should they find an item to which you have attached a Help-Me-Home Tracking Tag.

A Help-Me-Home Tracking Tag is a dog tag with a unique tracking code.  What you do is attach the tag to any item that you may lose.  Examples include cameras, 'phones, a GPS, baggage, golf clubs, etc…  In fact, anything that you can think of that is of value to you, and to which a tag can be attached, is suitable.  You could even insert the dog tag into your wallet / purse.  When you register your tracking tag on the Help-Me-Home website you will be given a list of suggestions of items to which you may wish to attach a tracking tag.

Each tracking tag has its own page on the Help-Me-Home website.  Should you lose the item to which the tag is attached, the person finding the item is encouraged to log on to the Help-Me-Home website, and using the unique tracking code, work with you to return your item.

Tracking tags measure 53mm by 30mm.  They are light weight, durable, attractive and functional.  Should you not be entirely delighted with your tracking tags, please return them for a full refund (assuming you have not registered them on the Help-Me-Home website), or for tracking tags of different colors.

Below are examples of some of the items that are available in the Help-Me-Home Store.  Please click on the ‘Enter the Help-Me-Home Store’ link to select products for purchase, or just have a look around.
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Help-Me-Home Statistics — there are currently 92 users registered with Help-Me-Home, and 125 items are being tracked on the website
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